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This exact guide has been used to set up Discord communities that are now home to hundreds of thousands of users.

  • Used by 20+ other Web3 brands & startups to set up and customize their community HQs from scratch.

  • Save 5+ hours of your precious time tinkering with settings by following our super-simple, detailed steps.

  • Perfect for founders, marketers, community managers & more!

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Setting Up Your Community Is Tedious And Confusing.
We Make It Fast And Easy.

CommunitySetupPro combines the experience of multiple Web3 natives into one easy-to-execute guide to help you set up your Discord community like a pro.
The best part? Our early users are getting lifetime access to the guide, community growth tips, and more!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Don't see what you want to ask here? Send us an email via hello@communitysetup.pro to ask us!

What do I get?

The one-time payment gives you lifetime access to the All-in-One Discord Setup Guide, Privacy & Permissions Customization Automation Tool Database, 50+ Community Engagement Prompts, and future content releases (e.g. Community Growth Hacks).

What format will the guide come in?

You will be granted access to a Notion page with all the content. This also enables you to get access to future content without the need to download an infinite number of PDFs and avoid the security risks of downloading random files.

Who comes up with the content?

We've teamed up with a handful of Web3 natives with experience spanning across DeFi, gaming, decentralized social, and more to bring you a diverse set of perspectives. They have opted to remain anonymous as they have an active brand presence elsewhere.

Can I share access to the content with others?

While we discourage gatekeeping, the small fee charged enables us to sustainably create more useful content that benefits you. Instead, please encourage your friends to purchase their own access (we have an affiliate program in the works with revenue sharing). Thanks for understanding!

Is payment secure?

Yes, we use Stripe for payment and do not store any of your credit card information. We accept credit cards from all major networks such as Mastercard, Visa and AMEX.

Is my privacy protected?

Yes, your email is used for the delivery of the guide only. We will not sell your email nor spam you with marketing content. Our anon users wouldn't like us otherwise ;)

Does it come with free brownies?

We love brownies, but until our technology becomes advanced enough, we won't be able to send you any via the Internet.
You can have this cookie emoji for free though 🍪.

What's the 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee?

We want your investment in Community Setup Pro to be a positive-sum, no-brainer. You'll be sure to find benefit in the content provided, either partly or wholly depending on which stage you're in. Find out more here.

Build Your Community of Advocates Today

Limited Time Offer: $45 $19 for lifetime access to the all-in-one setup guide and more.

One-Time Payment. Lifetime Access.

What Am I Getting?

  • All-in-One Discord Setup Guide

  • Privacy & Permissions Customization

  • Automation Tool Database (Free & Paid)

  • 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee

  • Exclusive access & discounts to partner tools and communities

  • [PLUS] Lifetime Access to Future Content (e.g. Community Growth Hacks)

  • and much more to come!

Note: CommunitySetupPro is almost out of private beta. The limited-time early bird offer will be gone forever when we launch publicly. Only a monthly subscription at the normal rate is available after that.

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Please refer to the FAQ section or reach out to hello@communitysetup.pro if you need help, we're here for you!


Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee & Money-Back Promise

We want your investment in Community Setup Pro to be a positive-sum, no-brainer for you - if you’re willing to commit to growing your community 😉

This involves (i) following the relevant steps for each task you're trying to accomplish, and (ii) utilizing all the growth tips for 30 consecutive days. If you’ve done those things, and for whatever reason do not benefit from our content at all, drop us an email (within 45 days of receiving access to the content) and we’ll happily refund your payment.Friendly reminder: the money-back guarantee only applies if you actually do the above 😉Use "Money-Back" as the subject of your email and describe what went wrong (e.g. why nothing in the guide worked for you).

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